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Date : 04-01-2023

“The Greatest Return of QB1”

The Great success of #98 Quinten Bossche in The Biggest Single Grand Slam!!! "WGP#1 World Cup 2022" during 14-18 December 2022 at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya City, Thailand, which is a final round of the championship "WGP#1 World Series 2022" and winning the world's highest prize money.

After WGP#1 World Series 2022 has passed 2 Rounds, including Europe - Poland and Lake Havasu City - USA, there will be no chance for #98 Quinten Bossche, who everyone is better known as QB1, to win this title. But he has never given up to win a champion of "WGP#1 World Cup 2022" in the Pro Ski Grand Prix, which is one of the most popular classes for all jet ski fans. This year, there are all of the “Super riders” candidates to win the championship, including #98 Quinten Bossche, a Belgian rider, former champion of WGP#1 World Cup in 2020 and former two-time WGP#1 World Series champion in 2021 and 2020. #90 Kevin Reiterer, an Austrian rider, 2021 WGP#1 World Cup champion, #44 Raphael Maurin, a French rider who is a Former 2018 WGP#1 World Cup champion and #53 Marten Manni, a 21 years old Estonian racer who is considered a new shining star. All three of them are in the running for the WGP#1 World Series 2022 title.

Kevin Reiterer

Quinten Bossche

Raphael Maurin

Valentin Dardillat

After 2 motos, it turned out that #90 Kevin Reiterer, despite finishing 2nd ranked in both motos, had a lead with the overall scores. Followed by #98 Quinten Bossche who won in the first moto, but unfortunately fell off the jet ski in the 2nd moto. However, he still had the total score followed in 2nd place. It‘s still more exciting in the last 2 motos.

In Moto 3, some of riders were jump-started, including #90 Kevin Reiterer and #44 Raphael Maurin. It’s a chance for #98 Quinten Bossche returned and won this moto. In the final round. As a result, #44 Raphael Maurin came back to win this moto, followed by #98 Quinten Bossche and #90 Kevin Reiterer.

After the extremely exciting of 4 moto, #98 Quinten Bossche snatched championships, WGP#1 World Cup 2022 with an overall score of at 212 points, beat #44 Raphael Morin in second place with 204 points. It is “The Greatest Return of QB1” as his second WGP#1 World Cup title. #44 Raphael Morin won the 2022 "WGP#1 World Series" Title. Followed by #90 Kevin Reiterer and, Russian rider, #8 Valentin Dardillat were in 3rd and 4th with 193 and 170 points. And #T111 Nantawat Singurai, a Thai rider, ranked in 5th place with 129 points and won The Asian Championships also.

04 January 2023

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