UPDATE 29/12/2023




The Champion of “THAILAND GRAND PRIX 2023”
#8 Jean-Bruno Pastorello.

The Waterjet World Championship Tournament, "WGP#1 Waterjet World Series 2023", Final Round, "WGP#1 Waterjet World Cup 2023”, between 13-17 December 2023, at Pattaya City, Thailand, has already ended. It turned out that in PRO-AM Endurance Open, #8, Jean-Bruno Pastorello showed off his world-class performance and created a new history to be “ Champion of THAILAND GRAND PRIX 2023''. Hailed as his fifth time Champion, this is his 4th victory in a row of this year's World Series.

The PRO-AM Endurance Open had 36 racers from 16 countries around the world participating. They included #8 Jean-Bruno Pastorello, French rider and a four-time 2022, 2021, 2019 and 2017 “WGP#1 Waterjet World Cup” Champion and two-time 2022 and 2021 “WGP#1 Waterjet World Series” Champion, #22 Anthony Radetic, US rider, the Champion of “WGP#1 Waterjet Offshore World Championship” 2023, as well as, a tough rider from USA, #110 Tory Snyder.

As expected, nothing went wrong in Moto 1! The French rider did not disappoint all French jet ski fans. #8, Jean-Bruno Pastorello crossed the finish line in the 1st place, followed by the tough rider from Thailand, #150 Saharat Ngamsommit in 2nd place and #22 Anthony Radetic in 3rd place.

In Final Moto #8, Jean-Bruno Pastireño still raced with his usual world-class performance, taking the lead from the start to finish in 1st place without anything to worry about. #22 Anthony Radetic and #110 Tory Snyder came in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

In summary, the results of this class saw #8 Jean-Bruno Pastorello gave a perfect performance, winning in both motos with 800 full points, sending him to the podium as Double Champion of “WGP #1 Waterjet World Cup 2023” and “WGP #1 Waterjet World Series 2023” in PRO-AM Endurance Open. Hailed as his fifth time World Cup Champion and third time World Series Champion, he was rightfully dubbed Fourth Championship after winning 4 consecutive times in a row of this year's World Series.

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