UPDATE 26/12/2023




#38 Mohammed Albaaz
The Champion of “THAILAND GRAND PRIX 2023”

It was his second consecutive Champion for #38 Mohammed Albaaz as a Champion of “THAILAND GRAND PRIX 2023”' in the world's fastest and strongest sit-down watercraft, PRO Runabout GRAND PRIX, in The Waterjet World Championship Tournament "WGP#1 Waterjet World Cup 2023" or "WGP#1 Waterjet World Series 2023", Final Round, between 13-17 December 2023, at Pattaya City, Thailand.

The Final Round of this year‘s PRO Runabout GRAND PRIX has as many as 18 World Champions and Top Professional riders from 10 countries around the world fighting for the trophy. Especially, we witnessed the rivalry between the two buddy riders from Kuwait, #66 Muhammed Burbayea, the two-time Champion 2021 and 2019 “WGP#1 Waterjet World Series”, and #38 Mohammed Albaaz, the Champion of “WGP#1 Waterjet World Cup” 2022, and another two compatriots from France, #1 Jeremy Perez, the Champion of “WGP#1 Waterjet World Series” 2022 and a top rider, #4 François Medori, all wanting to win this class.

In Moto 1, it was the battle between the duo from Kuwait. #38 Mohammed Albaaz had a great start and took the lead. When halfway through the race, his waterjet had problems, so #66 Muhammed Burbayea took the opportunity to overtake the lead and crossed the finish line in 1st place, followed by #4 François Medori, coming in 2nd and #T52 Supak Settura, a local Thai rider, in 3rd, respectively.

In Moto 2, it’s the return of #38 Mohammed Albaaz after the problem in the first moto. Even though he had a poor start and had to follow #86 Jun Ikoma and #66 Mohamed Berbaya#66 Muhammed Burbayea, luck took his side when the two rivals had problems with their watetjet. Mohammed Albaaz took this opportunity to take the lead and crossed the finish line in 1st place, followed by #158 James Bushell from Great Britain and #1 Jeremy Perez.

The Final Moto was a competition between the French and Kuwait teams. #4 François Medori was in the lead, outrunning #38 Mohammed Albaaz by only 6 points. When the race started, #116 Dustin Farthing took the lead and was the winner in this moto. #38 Mohammed Albaaz and Thai rider, #T79 Permphon Teerapatpanich followed in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively

The overall score of the 3 motos showed #38 Mohammed Albaaz had 143 points to win the double championship “WGP #1 Waterjet World Cup 2023” and “WGP #1 Waterjet World Series 2023”. This victory was hailed as his second time World Cup Champion and First Trophy of World Series Champion.

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