UPDATE 23/12/2023




The Champion of “THAILAND GRAND PRIX 2023”
#45 Suphathat Footrakul.

It was such a grand opening of the world championship waterjet tournament, "WGP#1 Waterjet World Series 2023" Final Round, "WGP#1 Waterjet World Cup 2023”, between 13-17 December 2023, at Pattaya City, Thailand. Thailand’s #45 Suphatat Futrakul gave a fantastic performance to defend his championship in the PRO RUNABOUT 1100 OPEN class, crowned as the champion of “Thailand Grand Prix” for two consecutive years.

In the PRO RUNABOUT 1100 OPEN, the tournament’s favorites competing for the championship included #142 Kasidit Theeraprateep, rising star from Thailand, #26 Louie Buhisan from the Philippines, both vying for the champion title of the "WGP#1 Waterjet World Series 2023", and #45 Suphathat Footrakul, from Thailand, the Double Champion of “WGP#1 Waterjet World Series” and “WGP#1 Waterjet World Cup'' 2022, etc.

After the start in Moto 1, #45 Suphathat Footrakul took the lead until the finish line, claiming the victory of this moto. He was followed by compatriot #5 Book Sermsuwan in 2nd place and #26 Louie Buhisan took the 3rd place, respectively.

In Moto 2, #45 Suphathat Footrakul still drove with confidence, his waterjet was still strong, and his ride was uninterrupted, sending him to the finish line in 1st place. #142 Kasidit Theeraprateep and #5 Book Sermsuwan followed in 2nd and 3rd place.

In Moto 3, #45 Suphathat Footrakul’s form continued to be hot. Even though he didn’t start out well, the dignity of the former champion drove him to the front and turned the game around, sending him to the finish line first. He was followed by 2nd place, #3 Ou Moeut Saly, from Cambodia and #5 Book Sermsuwan came in 3rd place.

Final Moto was a battle between two Thai riders #45 Suphathat Footrakul and #142 Kasidit Theeraprateep. After starting, #142 Kasidit Theeraprateep competed for the lead and drove with great determination. When halfway through, his waterjet had a problem. #45 Suphathat Footrakul, who came in 2nd, did not let the opportunity slip away. He passed the lead and finished in 1st place, taking the victory in this moto. 2nd and 3rd places went to #26 Louie Buhisan and #5 Book Sermsuwan, respectively.

With the overall scores from the 4 motos, #45 Suphathat Footrakul made a perfect game, winning all 4 motos in a row with a full 240 points. He reached the podium and winning the “WGP #1 Waterjet World Cup 2023” which was his 2nd consecutive time. #26 Louie Buhisan won the "WGP#1 Waterjet World Series 2023" championship.

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