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Date : 05-01-2022

25 Top Thing to Do in Pattaya (2022 Guide)

Pattaya the city never sleeps. Beach is constantly brimming with life, as water sports lovers. Apart from water sports, Pattaya offers accommodation and entertainment. Pattaya has something for everyone. Only 147 kilometers from Bangkok (2 hours), the closest of Thailand's major beach resorts to the capital city. Let's explorer Pattaya, where to eat, where to go I will guide you.

Top Dining International Restaurants

Benihana Pattaya

If you be a Japanese food fan, don’t miss Benihana Pattaya. It is a Teppanyaki style that you can enjoy the smell of grilled meats on the iron pan. The highlight of this restaurant is the spectacle of the live culinary performances at every table. Sunsets are extra stunning from our outdoor terrace as you tuck into the best steak in Pattaya.

Location: Benihana at Avani Pattaya
LUNCH Thursday – Sunday : 12.00 PM – 4.00 PM
DINNER Thursday – Sunday : 4.00 PM – 9.00 PM
: 038-412-120
Line: @benihanapattaya

The Glass House Silver Pattaya

There are 2 branches of this restaurant in Pattaya. Both of them will situate on the most idyllic beachside location. The restaurant is surrounded by pine trees that provide enough shady for long daytime lunches and dining in the evening breeze. You can enjoy eating original Thai food here and also enjoy international food too.

Location: The Glass House Silver Pattaya
Open: 11:00 AM – 11:59 PM
Call: 098-930-9800
Line: @glasshousesilver

Over The Moon

The best time in a sea city like Pattaya is sunset time because Pattaya is located in the east of Thailand. There are many places to enjoy sunset time. Over the moon is one of the best places to enjoy the glittering ocean as its shimmering backdrop, Over the Moon is the stylish and sophisticated in-house bar. The drinks list offers a vast selection of beverages, including a wide array of over 50 craft beers. With live musical performances, it’s the ideal spot to watch the sun go down and clink glasses with an expansive panoramic view of the ocean just below.

Location: Ana Anan Resort and villas Pattaya
Open: 17.00 PM - 23.00 PM
Call: 033-098-888

Line: @anaanan

Pan Pan

Ciao!! The wording says hi in Italy. Pan-Pan is an original Italian cuisine restaurant that opens in 1975 in Thailand (46 years). The most particular about pizza here because all pizza in Pan-Pan is fired in an authentic wood oven. Everything produced is strictly handmade. It is also good if you be an Ice-cream lover because Pan-Pan has many flavors of original Gelato. Not only food and dessert is good but also the decoration in this restaurant too. Don't miss enjoying the outdoor zone if you come here. It will make you feel like sitting in Italy too.

Location: Pan Pan Pattaya
Open: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Call: 038-251-874

Top Dinning Local Restaurants

Moom Aroi

Moom Aroi (Delicious corner) is very popular for Thai people. It is a local seafood restaurant that you can enjoy lunch or dinner seaside. All seafood will cook in Thai style. If you be someone who wants to try local food I recommend it here. Don't forget to reserve the table in advance because it is very popular. 1 hour for a minimum wait if you don't book the table in advance. Now Moom Aroi has 3 branches that everyone can enjoy seafood at a reasonable price.

Location: Moom Aroi (Naklua / Khao Chee Chan / Sri Racha)
Map (Naklua):

Map (Khao Chee Chan):
Open: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Call: Naklua 038-223-252, Khao Chee Chan 063-329-3930

Line: @mumaroi8448

Moo Tae Moo Taa

Mu Kratha (Pan pork) is originated in Thailand. It is very popular and well-known in Southeast Asia later. It resembles a combination of a Korean barbecue and a Chinese hot pot. It is believed to have originated from the Korean barbecue grill. The Thai version uses charcoal. There are many Mu Kratha restaurants in Pattaya but I recommend "Moo Tae Moo Taa" because of the high quality of pork and original sauce that is not common.   

Location: Moo Tae Moo Taa
Open: 9:30 AM – 8:30 PM
Call: 096-806-3481

After Yum

After Yum is a famous Yum (Spicy Salad) in Pattaya. Last year, you had to wait at least 6 hours if you want to get a table in this restaurant. Nowadays, After Yum has Yum sauce as a product and sells online. It can make you can get the table easier. If you can eat spicy food and want to try Spicy Thai Sashimi don't miss it.

Location: After Yum
Open: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Call: 094-464-5991
Line: @afteryum

Top Family-Friendly Destinations

Ramayana Water Park

This is Thailand’s biggest waterpark, with premium water rides, and over 50 attractions in total. All equipment in this waterpark has been sourced from international world-leading partners, who supply only premium quality materials. This will ensure that your visit will not only be fun but also totally safe. Enjoy quality world-class water parks at affordable prices.

Location: Ramayana Water Park
Open: 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Call: 033-00-5929

Great & Grand Sweet

Great & Grand Sweet Destination is a new Ice cream and dessert Cafe with the sweetest decoration in Thailand. It is located in the middle of Pattaya. The concept of this cafe is to simulate us as if sitting in a land of sweets. The highlight of the shop is a giant ice cream waiting for us to take pictures with 48 flavors of ice cream to choose from for taste, so you can enjoy walking in this wonderful land.

Location: GREAT&GRAND Sweet Destination
Open: 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Call: 097-469-9919


Mong Chang Cafe

Mong Chang Cafe (See elephant) is the new cafe in an elephant village in Pattaya. You can enjoy seeing many animals while drinking coffee. Not only cafes but also have much activity that you can do with the elephant. You can take the elephant shower. You can feed many animals. It also has a show about animal talent. Don't miss it if you are an animal lover.

Location: Mong Change Cafe
Open: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Call: 097-428-9462

Pattaya Tiger Park

If you have a dream to play with a tiger, you can make a dream come true when you come here. Tiger park Pattaya has many packages for you to play and take a photo with the tiger. You can feed milk to the naughty small tiger and also take a photographer with a big tiger. Most of the activity will be scheduled by the park. You have to clean your hands and change your shoes before going inside. Be sure everything will safe and clean.

Location: Tiger PARK Pattaya
Open: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Call: 038-255-221


Top Visited Tourist Attractions

Pattaya Floating Market

Life in Thailand 200 years ago, the life of Thai people can't live without the river. Every house builds nearby the river. They also transportation by the river so, most of the activity is happening on the river. Pattaya Floating Market will make you a throwback to living in the same way of 200 years of life. Sitting on the boat buy some street food. Watch sea boxing. Listening to Thai contemporary music band.

Location: Pattaya Floating Market
Call: 088-444-7777

Sanctuary of Truth Museum

This is the biggest wood castle in the world. Sanctuary of Truth is built based on the Ayutthaya period and Buddhist, Hindu beliefs. All art and design have meaningful insight. for example the rooftop of this castle for showing respect to father, mother, teacher, and the king. The building is notably constructed entirely out of rare wood and it contains only wood-carved idols and sculptures. If you are an art and history lover i recommended it.

Location: Sanctuary of Truth museum
Open: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Call: 038-110-653

Viharnra Sien

This is the Chinese-Thai antique museum. The highlight of this museum is 14 statues 2,200 years old that live in the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor (Qin Shi Huang). They also reproduce the area of the museum to be like Xi'an. Not only Chinese but also Thai antiques that you can learn the history via this museum.

Location: Viharnra Sien
Open: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Call: 038-343-555

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Pattaya

Enjoy your one full day with world-class attractions and museums, which comprise 7 attractions all in one place. You can take a walk and see 300 unique collections of oddities. They can take you to the nightmarish world where your worst fear comes to live in the haunted house or you can enjoy many entertainment activities such as 4d movies theater, Scream in the Dark game or find the exit way in 16 maze room. It's valuable to your day for sure.

Location: Ripley's Believe It or Not! Pattaya
Open: 11.00 AM – 9.00 PM
Call: 038-710-294

Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise is the first 3D Art exhibition in Thailand. It differs from a simple art exhibition because you can be a part of the picture by standing on the point and taking a photo from another point. The picture that you have taken will be like u were somewhere such as a waterfall, Vanich, Egypt and Africa although you take at this museum. There are 9 zones in this museum. Enjoy taking a picture here.

Location: Art in Paradise (Pattaya)
Open: 9.30 AM - 5.00 PM 
Call: 085-999-3374

Ganj Coffee

After the Thai Government unlocks Cannabis to be legal if it is cultivated by permitted area. Ganj Coffee is the first Cannabis cafe to serve many menus from Cannabis in Pattaya. You can enjoy many flavors of Cannabis drinks and are happy with many menus of meals. Let's be younger and happier with Cannabis at Ganj Coffee.

Location: Ganj Coffee at Rabbit Hotel Pattaya
Open: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Call: 062-709-6691

Lan Pho Market

Most Thai people who travel to Pattaya would not miss eating fresh seafood. If you love to cook or want to make seafood barbeque I recommend this market. Lan Pho market is well known to local people because of the reasonable price for fresh seafood and variety of seafood. Most of this seafood is fresh and has many sizes for sale. Let's try to walk in the Thailand market.

Location: Lan Pho Market
Open: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Top Islands and Sea Activities

Koh Lan Island

Koh Lan Island is 7 kilometers from the coast of Pattaya, 45 minutes by boat or 15 minutes by speed boat. That is why it is popular for Thai teenagers. Not only not far from Pattaya it is also very clear of seawater. There are more than 10 beaches that you can enjoy sea activities such as sunbath, Speed boat, Jet Ski or scuba. Now, Koh Lan Island has a good utility so you can reserve the resort on the island for long stay.

Location: Koh Lan Island
Pire from Pattaya: Bali-Hai-pier

Koh Phai Island

Another popular island besides Koh Lan Island is Koh Phai Island. far from Koh Lan 5 kilometers but most Thai people come here by a 1-day trip tour package. This island is very natural and private. It is still under the control of the navy. The highlight of Koh Phai is the richness of the natural underwater. it also clean, with no utility, no hotel or resort. You can only come on the day and back before night.

Location: Koh Phai Island

Pire from Pattaya: Bali-Hai-pier

Squid Sashimi

Pattaya’s popular squid-fishing platform is the activity that I recommended. Octopus Cafe is a large floating platform a kilometer out of Pattaya Bay. You can catch squid and fish and the staff in the cafe will prepare the sauce for you to eat like Sashimi or you can take it home. Enjoy fishing and eating start at 400 THB for a person.

Location: คาเฟ่ตกหมึกพัทยา Tako Trip
Open: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Call: 098-323-5232
Line: @Takotrip

Top Yacht Club and Facilities

Ocean Marina Yacht Club

Ocean Marina Yacht Club stands as one of Asia’s largest marinas, one of the few that offers full facilities for yachts. It also is currently the biggest marina in Southeast Asia. Whether seeking a casual day trip around the islands with friends, a snorkeling/diving trip with family, they can provide all of these for you.

Location: Ocean Marina Yacht Club
Open: 12:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Call: 038-23-7300

Pattaya Yacht Club

This is the one-stop service for sailing on a yacht in the Thai gulf. There are joint trips and private trips for you. Everything can customize. If you want to eat a seafood buffet on a yacht, they can prepare it for you. If you enjoy jet skis or many activities on the sea, they can prepare for you at a reasonable price. Let's keep the sunset moment in Pattaya here.

Location: Pattaya Yacht Club
Open: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Call: 095-789-8926

Top Shopping Place

Terminal 21 Pattaya

Terminal21 Pattaya is more than just a mall, but a transport hub that gathers the entire world into one place for an incredible shopping extravaganza, where every lifestyle needs and desire are completed in seven meticulously designed zones, inspired by world-famous shopping destinations from around the globe, encapsulating the longest escalator in the region. The highlight of Terminal 21 Pattaya is the street food started at 28 THB and the different themes on each floor of the mall.

Location: Terminal 21 Pattaya
Open: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Call: 033-079-777

CentralFestival Pattaya Beach

CentralFestival Pattaya Beach is Asia’s largest natural beachfront shopping complex. It comprises a shopping mall and Hitton Pattaya Hotel with 360 panorama view of Pattaya Beach. It has brought modern and lively lifestyle center to the tourist city includes Central Department Store, SFX Cinema, and over 350 shops in total of renowned fashion boutiques, international restaurants, retail shops, as well as the arena in front of the shopping mall for lively activities among local and foreign tourists.

Location: CentralFestival Pattaya Beach
Open: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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