UPDATE 09/03/2023

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Phuket Calling!!! “WGP#1 Waterjet Offshore World Championship”

“WGP#1 Waterjet Offshore World Championship” is a Waterjet Marathon in a long distance race, 120 km., which the starting gate is at Laguna Phuket, Bang Tao Beach, and goes round and round at Promthep Cape. The overall distance is 60 km. per lap in 2 rounds while the refueling point is at Laguna Phuket for the convenience of all racers. This year, the tournament will be held from 16-19 March 2023 at Laguna Phuket.

All Champions and Well-known riders from all continents have welcomed the tournament, especially in the two major classes, the WGP#1 Runabout Open A and the WGP#1 Women Runabout Open A. There are, French rider, #8 Jean-Bruno Pastorello, The King of the Pro-AM Endurance Open class, a fourth-time 2022, 2021, 2019 and 2017 WGP#1 Waterjet World Cup Champion and two-time 2022 and 2021 WGP#1 Waterjet World Series Champion. #6A Christian Dagostin, Australian rider, former WGP#1 Waterjet World Cup Champion in 2016. #22 Anthony Radetic, the great rider from the USA. #37 Alexei Chernukha, a Russian rider. And “Iron Woman” #3 Kylie Ellmers, a rider from New Zealand, who applied to compete in both classes. It is considered the only one single woman who has crossed generations to challenge all male riders in the WGP#1 Runabout Open.

Meanwhile all champions from Asia, there are #J87 Hajime Isahai, a Japanese racer, former WGP#1 Waterjet World Series Champion in 2020 and WGP#1 Waterjet World Cup Champion in 2020 and 2018 in Pro Runabout GP (Category 4), and #J86 Jun Ikoma from Japan. The "Aswar family”, #19 Aero Aswar and #5 Aqsa Aswar, strong riders from Indonesia.

As for the racers from Thailand, led by #96 Supap Pulsopa, former WGP#1 Waterjet World Cup champion and WGP#1 Waterjet World Series 2020 champion. Including, “Iron Lady” #T16 Oraphan Teerapatpanich, a champion of Asian Championship 2022 in Pro-AM Endurance Open and #351 Supahlak Ninnopparat.

Are you ready for “WGP#1 Waterjet Offshore World Championship”? It will be held from 16-19 March 2023 at Bang Tao Beach, Phuket, Thailand. And follow the news via www.jetski-worldcup.com as well as via facebook JetSkiWorldCupGrandPrix.